Reality Escape Games in Hollywood, Florida

Remember the online games where you had to solve puzzles and find things to open the door and escape?
Well, boxroom is pretty much the same thing, only in real life. Players enter a room, which can be anything from the interiors of an alien spaceship to a spy's safe house.
You and your team have exactly 60 minutes to escape by solving puzzles, using common sense and thinking outside the box.
Do you have what it takes to outsmart our master game designers? Come to Reality Escape and find out!

Boxroom escape games are coming in Spring 2016
If you want to receive an invitation to our premiere games, please leave your email below.

Team Challenge

Our goal is to challenge the minds of all ages and strengthen relationships through teamwork.

Rapid Solutions

We made it to be fun and leisure for everyone!

Magic Touch

We have amazing themed settings for our players to choose from, all with their own unique challenges.

Award Winning

Put your minds together and escape the room, searching for clues and solving puzzles.

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