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Live Escape Rooms in Downtown Hollywood

Live Escape Games

A team of 2-8 people are placed in a highly immersive themed environment. With 60 minutes to solve puzzles, find keys, and discover secret doors you must use common sense and think outside the box to unravel the mystery of the room and ultimately escape. Do you have what it takes to outsmart our master game designers? Come to Boxroom Escape Games and find out!

Halloween Fun with Boxroom Escape Games in Downtown Hollywood

South Florida's rated #1 Fun Thing to do in Hollywood, FL by TripAdvisor



What our customers are saying about us

5 stars

What a great time! This was our first time in an escape room, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff was AWESOME, and the room was engaging. I would definitely recommend this escape room, we did the pirate room.


5 stars

What a great time! This was our first time in an escape room, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff was AWESOME, and the room was engaging. I would definitely recommend this escape room, we did the pirate room


5 stars

It was our first time and we had a blast - the staff was very friendly and a fun parft of the expericence as well. Will definately go back!!

kelly w

5 stars

Group of 5 kids under 10 and one adult. Thought it may be to hard for them but, they had a blast. The staff is awesome and helped us through the entire process. Cool VR setup and tons of games for those that waited in the lobby.

Ryan B.

Went today after lunch with my husband and kids, we had a great time doing Merlin’s magic kingdom and the knights of the round table. Super fun and challenging!

Dinia Demu

5 stars

It was our first time in escape room. All of us enjoyed the visit and looking forward to come back to try another room.Great experience.

A TripAdvisor Member

5 stars

So fun! This was my first escape room that I've ever done and it was such amazing experience. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I know I had such a blast and they totally deserve 5 stars. I'm huge into puzzles, so i was excited to try such game.


5 stars

This was my first time in an escape room. It was a lot of fun! The guide was very helpful. Great experience. I'm planning another trip back there soon!

Jakeah N.

5 stars

There were six of us ages 10-56. We ALL had a great time and look forward to going back to do the other two rooms! Great family fun (and in ac).


Very accommodating and knowledgeable. No shaming for clue giving and fun puzzles in both of the rooms!

Teresa P

5 stars

Super fun! Convenient location within walking distance of a lot of places. Definitely something fun to do that's different from the normal bar scene. Also very friendly and helpful staff. 10/10 would recommend! We definitely would come back and do this again.

Kerryn B.

5 stars

I went with some friends to have a fun time before we started school again. We had a great time and we got a nice picture for the memories.


Loved the Merlin room! Out of all the escape rooms we've done, this one was one of the coolest. Destiny was very knowledgeable and made it fun!

Laycee Nikkole Harmon Mendez

5 stars

We did the pirate ship themed escape room and it was really fun and challenging at the same time! Highly recommend.


Merlin room was great can’t wait to try operation saving hollywood. Thank you for the great experience Destiny

Eddie Mendez

Had a fantastic time here, room was super interactive and entertaining with some cool tricks thrown in. Destiny was an excellent host and was available when we got stumped midway through - she's amazing!

Samantha Cook

5 stars

My boyfriend & I came last night & had a blast. We weren't able to escape in time but it was a great bonding experience. Overall, we will be coming back! Thanks again to Alexis! Super helpful!

Ariane D.

5 stars

This experience was initiated by our HR department to help improve team spirit and team building. This was a fun event and the results were greater than expected. The team worked well together and all parties had a great deal of fun. Would do this again.


Every second was a blast. Have not been at an escape room like this. Thanks to Destiny, she has been so amazing during the escape room and after the escape room to show us the board games and answered all questions for more escape rooms. Excited to do more!!!

David Felipe

5 stars

Went here with a large group and had a blast. I totally recommend it you won’t be disappointed 🤗🤗🤗

Peggy Noel

5 stars

I highly recommend this escape room. Went with some friends and had a great time. The room was very cleverly designed and the decor was fantastic.

Yoav A.

5 stars

It’s such a twist on what I’m used to for escape rooms! But my girls and I had a blast! And we loved the reward at the end!


5 stars

My friends and I enjoyed the experience. We didn’t know what to expect and the games exceeded our expectations. It is a safe, family, and friendly environment.

Aken Pierre

5 stars

I went assuming I'd be no help at all but i was wrong. It was fun, very interesting and I enjoyed it. The employees were very nice and accommodating.


5 stars

We've done a bunch of escape rooms and these are unique. They have very few locks to open, such as those opened with keys and combinations. The environments are very well decorated. Nick was the supervisor and he was really helpful.


5 stars

Was here today, with my family the staff was awesome!! Very friendly and took great care of us if I could give them more stars I would. I would be back 100% Games were fun and time went by fast.

Herminio R.

5 stars

We took our 6 and 10 year olds with us. Lots of fun. A little scary for the 6, but he had a good time. The host was great!

A TripAdvisor Member

5 stars

Went on a date night with just the two of us. So much fun, great puzzles and fantastic staff. Challenging and enjoyable. Definitely going back to try the other room!

Meredith M.

5 stars

Really nice place to go, try to think out of box and have fun with your friends. Great decor and awesome staff..! Will definitely come again. Thank you!

Alex P.

5 stars

We had a blast for the first time I take my son for his 13th birthday, our first experience at the Boxroom Escape doing the pirate , it was challenged but we serve the puzzle and we thank Jennifer for all her help she was the best host.

Edline Augustin

5 stars

This was my first escape room experience and it definitely made me want to come back and try the other rooms! Very engaging and challenging. Definitely will be back next time I'm in town!

Omri S.

Nick was great, friendly and helpful every step of the way! We did the challenge with three kids, ages 12,11 & 7 it was a blast! Thank you see you soon !!

Alina Santana-Cuadra

5 stars

One day i went woth my friends to that place amd we stayed happy with entertaining program inside! Thanks to Ashley who were courteous and friendly to us. We enjoued spending time and could recommend Hunted pirate shiprack you will fly away :))

Kostia P.

5 stars

Friends and I have already planned on coming again. Have already told others about this. This has got to be one of the best experiences I have ever had


5 stars

This is a top-notch experience. The owner is extremely accommodating and did a nice job ensuring that we had a great time.

Bryan Shoe

5 stars

This is one of the best escape rooms I have ever done! It was tough! Loves the theme and the scene. The decor is awesome!!!

5 stars

Our family was in town for vacation and thought this would be fun. None of us had ever tried an escape room before but we had a great time! We did the haunted shipwreck. We also tried out the VR games in the lobby.

5 stars

Geoup of 6 all couples we had a great evening so much fun would definetly ti again and recommend...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 stars

We had an amazing time at Boxroom Escape Games. We escaped the Merlin room, it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go back and try the other rooms.

Keith Davis

5 stars

It was a very good and entertaining experience. You don't need to be familiar with the concepts to be able to play successfully. It can also be a great experience for kids to keep their curiosity flowing away from a tablet or video game.

5 stars

great time took my grand son who is 11 we hand a blast we will come back to do the other rooms , the young lady who gave us clues was great


5 stars

Nice place, clean, people were really nice. We came with our 9 and 12 year old daughters and did the Wizard room.

5 stars

Staff is extremely friendly. We had a great time with friends and would definitely go back to try the other rooms.


I didn't exactly know what I was getting into but after doing it I would recommend it to anyone. Thank You Boxroom escape games!

Paul Lovelin

5 stars

Such a fun time! Staff went out of there way to stay a little late and make sure we got to go! Rooms were very thought out and fun. Couldn't be more thankful for their customer service. Highly recommend this place and we will be back to try the other room soon.

5 stars

First time coming here and it was great! Came with a group of 18 and it was so much fun. I will definitely come back.


5 stars

We had a great time. A lot of fun for a family, friends and co-workers for team building. "Escaped" two rooms with two different themes and difficulties. Can not wait for third room to be opened.

Great time with the family, Destiny was really helpful and nice. We spent 2 hours here and had a great time!

Pao Pao

5 stars

this place is awesome and the owners are just wonderful! can't wait to go back and try the other puzzles. highly recommend!!

5 stars

I really enjoyed the theme of the room and all of the lights and sound effects. It’s nice that rooms are private and you aren’t forced to play with strangers.


5 stars

My wife and I went to play the escape rooms on a date and it was awesome. My wife felt like a real princess in the castle room. Next time we will bring more friends and try their harder room! Can't wait!

Josh Morales

5 stars

Hubby was skeptical but now wants to go back and try another room! The girl at the front desk was super nice and patient with my kids who were not listening to her instructions. Looking forward to going back.


It was an awesome experience! We first did the Hunted Pirate Ship Room and because we loved it, we did Operation Rescue Downtown Hollywood and were able to finish it. Definitely something fun to try with friends!

Adriana E. Lebrón Larrache

5 stars

My family took me to boxroom's escape rooms for fathers day. My wife choose the pirate ship room for me and it was so much fun. We have not bonded like this as a family in a while and I would definitely recommend this activity for any and all families!

Danny Rojas

5 stars

Went on a date night with just the two of us. So much fun, great puzzles and fantastic staff. Challenging and enjoyable. Definitely going back to try the other room!

5 stars

This was my first time here and it was a nice experience. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to try something new.


So much fun. I had no idea what to expect having never done one before but this was a great experience. Well thought out puzzles and storyline with super helpful and friendly staff.

Jenn Maiten Ellis

5 stars

Went on a date night with just the two of us. So much fun, great puzzles and fantastic staff. Challenging and enjoyable. Definitely going back to try the other room!

Went for a friend's birthday for the first time. It was so much fun and I really can't wait to go again. Jen at the front was wonderfully friendly and helpful too!

Danielle Jeanine Laroff

5 stars

This place was awesome!! I went there for my friend's birthday party. It was so exhilarating my favorite one was the hollywood detective escape room

5 stars

I booked a room for myself and my family for fathers day and it was absolutely wonderful!! The place is super welcoming and the escape room was nice. My family and I enjoyed it and are looking forward to returning ! Thank you all so much!


This is my new favorite place! A perfect plan for family and friends! Destiny was a great help at all times! I Definitely recommend it

Vanessa Lopez

5 stars

As a team building évent, this was a great place. Lots of fun, I would recommend this place for various types of events.

5 stars

So much fun! It’s a great idea for a date night or night out with friends. Would recommend to everyone


5 stars

Great experience! Great service. Went here for a kids party and we could not be happier. Will definetly return. Next time the adults are trying a room!

Linda Ream

5 stars

Staff was very friendly abs nice. Room was challenging and made for a great evening with family and friends.


5 stars

We did the wizard escape room and it was lovely. A very lovely staff! A beautifully done room with so many cool effects and no jump scares or anything scary. We had a lovely time and plan on going back!

Min Ermahgerd

5 stars

We went o. Father’s Day did the easy room. It was really fun for the kids. We had a good time too. It’s a shame they only allow 6 people. It was close to home a worth the hour!!

Angelica G

5 stars

It was my family's first visit to an escape room and everyone really enjoyed it (including my 8 yr old daughter). Staff member was very helpful explaining everything and giving clues. Challenging and engaging theme / puzzles.


5 stars

It is quite expensive if you don't pay for yourself. But I can tell the front desk lady works super hard so I don't mind the price and the decor was impeccable. 10/10 will do the other one

Abel Salas

5 stars

My family and I went here while on vacation and it was a lot of fun! We did the Hidden Treasure one and it was a blast all in the dark very cool. The staff was friendly and helpful great experience


5 stars

We went with our in-laws and sons to celebrate our anniversary. So much fun and better than sitting at a dinner table!


5 stars

Great family activity! I highly recommend it. Staff is very professional and helpful. Facility is new and very clean. Great way to spend the afternoon with friends and family.

Caterina Jaeger

5 stars

Had the place to ourselves and the staff was great. Took care of everything and everyone and did not rush us out.

Roseanne P

5 stars

We took our teenagers and they not only had a good time together, they also worked together! Something fun for the whole family or for those who’ve never met before. Highly recommended!


5 stars

My adult kids were in town and it was such a great activity to do as a family. I highly recommend it.


5 stars

Very fun escape rooms. My boyfriend & I have only done two of the rooms & we will definitely go back to do the third one.

Jazmin D

5 stars

I took my two Girl Scout troops, middle school and high school girls, and they had an amazing time. It was a great team building exercise and they challenged themselves mentally as well. Staff was very accommodating and I would certainly recommend it.


We had a great time. Super fun and one of the more high tech escape rooms I've done. Very friendly staff too! Am looking forward to trying their other rooms :)

Myriam Tots

5 stars

We've done about 10 escape rooms across the country, and the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck was one of the best we've ever done. Really clever and varied puzzles, great special effects, multiple rooms – everything was likable and well done.


5 stars

I took my family to Boxroom Escape Games and we had a great time! The kids loved it. We have visited a lot of places before but this is one of the best escape rooms in south florida! I highly reccomend!

Fernando Vela

5 stars

It was challenging but doable. We loved it! And we're really proud that we won. And only had to ask for help 4 times...


5 stars

We had a lot of fun. It wasn't so hard that we couldn't complete the tasks but enough to keep us on out toes.


5 stars

It was a ton of fun! The set dressing is superb. Shout out to Ashley who made our visit even more enjoyable!

S. Darian Arenas

5 stars

We did the Merlin's wizarding and escaped with about 24 minutes left! Tons of fun. Props to Ashley, our GM for being so kind and cool with us! 🤘


5 stars

We had so much fun! We did the treasure room and made it out with 20 minutes to spare. I can't wait to try another room!

Ericka Zamora

5 stars

Me and my friends did Merlin’s academy and it was fun! Ashley was great and super friendly! We took about 45 minutes, and every puzzle was super cool!

Erica D

5 stars

Customer service was nice and very helpful.would recommend for something different and fun townhouse in the area.


I had an awesome time, and the customer service is great. Destiny is who help get used to everything.

Ricardo Plaisir

5 stars

Destiny helped us - she was super friendly and made the experience very special! We had a great time, it was fun and a good brain twister. Highly recommend.

Jordyn K

5 stars

These rooms have technology that surpass all other escape rooms I have been in. Very affordable prices for the quality of experiences I have had. The staff is very fun too. Shout out to Jen!

Nick Russo

5 stars

We had a great time. It was a great family fun time. Good for kids and adults and great way for everyone to have fun. We had young children and teens and it was great


5 stars

Destiny was amazing and super helpful. She made us get really into the story. I would recommend going back to see her!!

Megan Q

5 stars

Very good service. The room looked like someone put a lot of thought in it, both, technical and logical wise. It was one of the best escape room experiences and we’ve visited a plenty of those.

Charlotte Anderson

5 stars

Very fun for all ages. Did the pirate room and took a really long time on one part but still finished with ten minutes to spare! Great and friendly staff, highly recommend.


This was my first time doing something like this and I enjoyed it like crazy. I will definitely come again.

Carlos Andres Echeverri

5 stars

I’ve spent some quality time with my family there. My daughter has enjoyed it so much she was very excited for the whole weekend. We’ve visited the Merlin’s Wizarding Academy, very nice atmosphere and decorations.

Gabriel Rogers

5 stars

Everything was great, we will never forget how much fun we had saving Hollywood! We will definitely come back for other rooms!


The Escape room was very well done, the quality of the puzzle, the atmosphere, and the immersion was perfect. I would definitely come again and try out their other puzzles.

Siraphop Lunsri

5 stars

We’ve liked the room because of the diversity and quantity of tasks. Perfect idea for night out with friends.

Артём Завальный

5 stars

we had lots of fun and the game was really cute and good challenge, will be going back! it was a second date thing so definitely entertaining !


5 stars

Our office had a national sales meeting and concluded activities to Boxroom Escape Games. Fun time was had by all and a great team building opportunity.


5 stars

Amazing place... Great environment... Great people.... Tons of fun. I recommend it to anyone and everyone trying to test their wit.

Dalton Register

5 stars

We enjoyed this. Did the pirate room with my wife, 9 year old son and 8 year old daughter. We had a good time and will definitely come back to do Merlin's castle.


The best escape room in South Florida! The decor is immersive, the games are tricky and the gamemasters are wonderful... I look forward to escaping at Boxroom for a long time to come!

Joshua Sobel

5 stars

We had a wonderful date for a private escape to solve the puzzles in the escape room. The room was really challenging, the staff was friendly and the experience was enjoyable. We will be back to solve the puzzles in the other rooms.


This was a really awesome experience and your free vraiment experience at the end is awesome. The people are so pleasant and my co-worker and I had a blast.

Karles Belanger

5 stars

My family played all 3 escape rooms and loved them all. My personal favorite was the wizard room! I would recommend boxroom to anyone looking for something a little different from the other escapes around south florida. Very cool :)

Karen Smith

Awesome experience ever destiny and Andrea and jenn was very kind and explained everything everything nice and clear. I would definitely recommend to any group bug or small

Brianna McCants

5 stars

I had a fun night out in the wizarding world. The staff (Destiny and Dalton) were very helpful and made sure to keep us on track. I appreciate the complementary picture at the end of the session to remember the night. Will definitely go back.

Georgette Peart

5 stars

the place was amazing... clean and so much fun, would go back soon for another room with same people. The girl upfront was very nice helped us out on how it works and gave us a tour around the place. Thank you


WOW talk about amazing! I'm totally sold on this place. TEAM building, birthday party, or just for a night out on the town you HAVE to experience this! Why not book your next event RIGHT here! WOW! is all I can say. I had do much fun!

Deena McDaniel

5 stars

We enjoyed our time in the Pirate room very much! We needed several clues but managed in the end to solve the mystery of the hidden treasure chest. We will certainly do it again.

Ann G

I can't wait to go back! the room is incredible and makes you truly feel like you are part of the world! the props are spot on and you are active the entire time and not just with codes and locks! so much fun my brain was fried by the end of it. love it!!

Brittany Dee

5 stars

Had an amazing time! The anti terrorist one by far my favorite. We had a blast. Destiny was our host and she was extremely nice, gave clear insturctions, and she set the mood just right. Can’t wait to cone back and conquer all the rooms!

Justin Marti

5 stars

Definitely is a fun way to show off your team work skills and brightens everyone's mood! Went with my boyfriend and his little sister and it definitely brought us all closer after, loved it!


One of the best escape rooms we have done! Loved all the technology that the room incorporated, made solving the puzzle so much more rewarding. Will definitely be back to try out the other rooms!!

Melissa Robillard

5 stars

I loved the Operation: Saving Hollywood the most, it was the most challenging and exciting one to me. Had a lot of fun and we worked as a team and was able to escape with 3 minutes to spare.


Great experience for all! The room was professionally set up and the staff was friendly and helpful. We will definitely be coming back to visit the pirate room! Thank you.

Bija Johnson

5 stars

Great time, with fantastic people in a comfortable but fun setting. Alexis the Game Master was attentive and all about customer service. Can’t wait to go back, definitely recommend this place to others.


I really loved this escape room the staff was super friendly my group and I had a great time and we will be coming back to check out the other rooms

Meaghan Mitchell

5 stars

Wanted something different to celebrate my son's birthday. The 6 of us had to work together and put our heads together to find our treasure. But, when we finished we discovered we will treasure the memory of our time together.


This escape room was done really well. The room is so detailed. The puzzles so well thought out. Of all the escape rooms I have done this one by far is the best. Can't wait to try the other rooms.

Rorey Gow

5 stars

I have done a bunch of different escape rooms and this one was by far my favorite. We did the merlin room. I found that the puzzle/clues were very logical, more so than any other room I have done.

Avi Teitelbaum

5 stars

The guide hosting our room on Valentine’s day was amazing. She was personable, helpful and made our experience a memorable one! The room was challenging and one of the nicer designed rooms I’ve ever been to!


This escape room definitely had some new elements that I haven't seen at any other escape rooms. It was fun and not too complicated for two people to do on their own. Would definitely go back to see there other rooms.

Danielle Clarke

5 stars

The game was a lot of fun and the staff was on point. The clues were as difficult as expected (except the very last one). We had a great time and can't wait to do another room!

Leah D'Angelo

5 stars

My boyfriend & I had an amazing time there. He surprised me and took me there for date night. The host was extremely helpful & very informative. We’ll definitely be back & with more people lol.


Probably one of the best rooms I've done in the area. The puzzles are fun, the rooms are super well designed and the ending of the Merlin room literally had me jumping up and down.

Michele Del Rosario

5 stars

My boyfriend & I came last night as a bonding experience & I must say we were a little confused when we first came in but got the hang of it. Although, we didn’t escape in the limited time that was given but overall, it was really fun!

Ariane Dieujuste

5 stars

Very nice place to spend time with family, friends, colleagues. Went for my daughter birthday and did the wizard room. Excited to go back and do the more challenging pirate room next time


5 stars

This is a great way to spend time with friends. The set pieces are very nice and the staff is friendly. It's a great break from the ordinary.


5 stars

Great experience and excellent customer service. I would recommend this experience for those looking to have a good time trying something different.


5 stars

The room was challenging, great setting and props and staff was very courteous and helpful when needed.


5 stars

The place was clean and the staff was courteous. The adventure was fun and challenging. We had a great time and plan to go back.


5 stars

I love this place ! The game was fun can't wait to do the next ones !!! Staff is great ! Use your brains don't ask for clues it's more fun !!

leopold simonise

5 stars

The best escape rooms we have done, very friendly staff. We came back for more it was just that fantastic!


5 stars

I had an amazing time it is worth it. So new so fresh nothing in town will beat the time you will have here.

Spencer Ahrendts

5 stars

Super interactive, the staff is very friendly and the room was AMAZING! Can't wait to come back and do the others!

deborah vicioso

5 stars

I took 3 friends that are 15. It was their first escape room. They loved it and said it was sooooo much fun. The place was clean, very well decorated and the staff was great! They can’t wait to go back and try another room.


5 stars

It was such an amazing experience, and so much fun. The staff was extremely nice and courteous to us. I had such a great time I can't wait to do it again.


5 stars

That was fantastic. We had fun, tried two rooms and were satisfied by both. Thank you for perfect birthday.

Julia July

5 stars

Went with my daughter. It was a very good hour of fun for us. She is only nine and loved it. We'll be back!


5 stars

The staff was super friendly, gave good hints as well. Business is clean and well ran. We were a last minute booking and she was very accommodating. The experience was wonderful!


5 stars

It was definitely a different experience. Keeps you thinking but having a great time as well. Will definitely return!!


5 stars

So fun! I did all three rooms and they were all so amazing! The special effects were astounding, and my party and I got jumpscared and we started screaming and laughing😂! I LOVE THIS PLAC

Darla Miller

5 stars

This escape room was a lot of fun for all of us. We were a mixed group of younger kids, teenagers and adults. Everyone was able to join in and some parts of the puzzles required a group effort, which made it even more fun.

Naomi W

5 stars

We did the Merlin Room. Very challenging and very fun. Price is not bad for what you get. Got to do all the rooms.

Reggie Collings

5 stars

We had SUCH a great time! There were certain aspects of the room that were so different from other rooms we've done with other companies! Such pleasant surprises! We'll definitely be coming back in the future!


5 stars

This was our groups first time doing an escape room. The host was extremely friendly and helpful in deciding which room to do. A great touch to see our group picture on their website. We already have our next room booked!! Can’t wait!!!

Alexandra G

5 stars

It was my first time in an escape room and it was amazing. The staff was very helpful and I had a blast going through the rooms and trying to find my way out!!!


5 stars

Excellent time! Fun first date!💙💚💜 hope to do it again. Pirate room was awesome !! Excellent customer service. Tough but not impossible👍👍

Nat A

5 stars

I loved this place! Went there today for my thirteenth birthday and absolutely enjoyed it!!! Friends loved it too! I want to go again

Carina Maria

5 stars

Not only was Boxroom CLEAN, it was fun, the staff was great, the rooms were awesome! We will be back! Our family had a great time!


5 stars

Great fun. Rooms are very nicely done and the details are great. The staff is very helpful and the overall experience is definitely an A+

Kenny Persen

5 stars

I went with 2 other adults and a 4 year old. We did the wizard room and had TONS of fun. The Virtual Reality Ride/thing was AWESOME! Staff was great.

Laura Escobar

5 stars

My son had his 13th birthday party here with 15 of his friends. They all said it was the best bday party they have been to. It was a fun experience for everyone. Jennifer was an awesome party host and very attentive to the kids needs.


5 stars

My friend and I have done many escape rooms so we can definitely say the Wizard room was unique and immersive!

Miranda S

5 stars

Super fun! And even kinda magical. Staff were all really sweet and very helpful throughout the whole experience. Going again for the pirate Room!

Juan Gonzalez

5 stars

Our family of 4 (2 parents and 2 teens) really enjoyed our time in these escape rooms. I enjoyed the wizard one better than the spy one because of the theme. I liked that we had to work together.

Barbara B

5 stars

I’m EXTREMELY satisfied with this place and I hope they make more rooms or open more. We do them all and loved them all!


5 stars

We had 2 rooms and competed to see who got out first. So much fun! We will definitely be back. Thanks Jen and Alexis, you guys were awesome!


5 stars

We love Escape Rooms and this is definitely one of the better and more professional ones we've visited. Manager Jennifer was friendly and accommodating. Makes you use your brain for an hour! Lots of fun :)


5 stars

My friends brought me here for my birthday(even though I told the I cancelled my birthday), And I had the most fun possible. The place is clean and well organized, And the staff is warm and friendly. Our host Destiny made the experience for me 10x better.


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