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5 Things You Didn't Know About Treasure Hunters

5 Things You Didn't Know About Treasure Hunters

Treasure hunters are found worldwide. You can see them scouring beaches with metal detectors, searching maps for clues to buried objects, or exploring thrift shops for unique items.

The biggest myth about hunting for treasure is that this activity is like others that are meant to be stress reducers or simple fun.

A scavenger hunt or treasure hunting offers more than mindless entertainment. It is a time when family, friends, co-workers, and others can develop practical skills and form relationships.

It also feels great to find that treasure or solve a mystery!

Here are some facts about treasure hunters and escape rooms that you didn’t know to see if these activities are right for you!

1. The Activity Doesn’t Need to Be Sequential

The classic escape room scenario takes you to a first clue, which leads to a second, a third, and so on. This structure doesn’t need to be present to have a great time! Some treasure hunters love getting all the hints at the start of the experience, allowing them to solve the riddles in whatever order they prefer to create more of a “choose your own adventure” scenario.

2. Wordplay Is Only One Part of the Experience

Reading an interesting riddle while trying to solve a puzzle in an escape room can be fun. Here's an example.

Imagine that you’re stuck in a dark room. There are no windows or lights present, and the only object in the room is a clarinet. How can you resolve this situation?

The answer to that riddle is to stop imagining.

Escape rooms create hands-on opportunities to solve puzzles while engaging with wordplay, visual cues, and even smells to create experiential experiences for everyone to love.

3. Escape Room Adventures Can Be Collaborative

Competition is a part of human nature. When we play a game, we want to win. Escape rooms are following the lead of the board game industry in recent years to create cooperative scenarios where the goal is to collaborate to beat the game.

When multiple people work together to solve the clues, your goal is to beat the clock to escape instead of being the first ones out.

The benefits of co-op games are numerous.

  • They increase essential social skills, such as caring and kindness.
  • Enhanced communication occurs, encouraging group interactions.
  • People have just as much fun because competition is still present.

4. The Best Prize Is Winning

At Boxroom Escape Games, you can document your ability to beat our escape rooms with a photograph we post on our website.

When you escape the room, that experience is the prize. You can walk away with bragging rights knowing that your group could conquer the scenario. There doesn’t need to be a trophy or knick-knack as a souvenir.

5. It Is a Fun Experience for All Ages

Virtually anyone can have a great time when experiencing an escape room. Treasure hunters come from all age groups, including young children. Although little ones might need some adult help, the goal is to have fun.

Are you ready to try an escape room? If so, schedule your time soon so that you can experience the thrill of the treasure hunt!

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