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Are Escape Rooms Good For Kids?

Posted by Jennifer Nesselhaus
Are Escape Rooms Good For Kids?

Yes they are! Escape Rooms are a fun and educational activity that can help with building teamwork and critical thinking skills.


Looking for something a little different to keep the kids entertained? Try and escape room! Filled with puzzles, riddles, and a story to unfold there is much more than just mindless entertainment to be had. Team Building and brain training exercises are presented to children and teens in a fun, unique way. Working together, they must think and communicate which helps form relationships along with problem solving skills. While playing escape rooms there will be multiple tasks that need to be completed in order to move forward such as mathematics, puzzle solving, reasoning, and cooperation. After completion, most players have a great sense of pride and bonding with the others they have succeeded with.  


Cooperation - Cooperation and teamwork are key. When playing an escape room, kids are urged to work together to "escape" the room. Some puzzles will require 2 players to participate to move into the next part of the room. This teaches kids to communicate and work together which is essential for building social skills.


Critical Thinking - Strategy and quick thinking are a big part of playing escape rooms. Most escape rooms give you one hour to beat the game and escape. Kids must learn to solve puzzles by thinking quickly and efficiently. Problem solving skills are executed and rewarded with unlocking a new aspect of the game and a fun adventure.


Accomplishment - During and after the game most kids have a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. They succeded as a team and overcame all the challenges!


Keep in mind not all escape room businesses are kid friendly. Make sure you call to find out if the particular escape room you want to visit has rooms with puzzles kids can complete and enjoy. Boxroom Escape Games is one of the only escape rooms in South Florida that is kid and family friendly. Ready to book your next game? Click Here!


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