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EXTREME AXE THROWING will make your celebration unforgettable

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EXTREME AXE THROWING will make your celebration unforgettable

EXTREME AXE THROWING will make your celebration unforgettable

Preparing for a holiday includes inviting loved ones and cooking treats. Modern users prefer active leisure in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Today, many special sites offer services to organize your holidays. Boxroom Escape Games organizes exciting quests for companies from 2 to 10 people. You can choose any escape room, which you must solve within an hour. Using logical (and sometimes non-standard) thinking, you will manage to find the keys to open the secret doors and get out of the mysterious room.

The extreme axe throwing can be called the complete opposite. This attraction is one of the varieties of the shooting gallery. You can reset your head from unnecessary thoughts and spill out your emotions. Brutal space contributes to a complete reset.

Why should you choose EXTREME AXE THROWING for your celebration 

You have never seen anything like this before! You and your guests will be impressed by the professional organization of the process and the unforgettable emotions that come from the game. The rules are simple: any team member can participate regardless of gender, age, and physical activity. Preliminary preparation is not required. Detailed instruction is provided.


Do you want to hold a birthday celebration in an unusual format? Or are you preparing for a corporate party, team-building? AXE specialists will advise you which of the celebration packages will be suitable for your case. The following options are available: 

  • hourly rentals ($30 per person + tax);

  • semi-private events (1 hour for $400 + tax, 2 hours for $800 + tax, 3 hours for $1200 + tax);

  • private event (1 hour for $800 + tax, 2 hours for $1600 + tax, 3 hours for $2400 + tax). 

You are allowed to come with your drinks and snacks (BYOB). Come with closed-toe shoes!

Features of EXTREME AXE THROWING locations

The unique entertainment in specially equipped locations with interactive game targets is offered only here. Other benefits include: 

  • BYOB license;

  • spacious lobby and lounge areas;

  • professional axe throwing instructors.

Fun activities will unlock your hidden abilities. 

Comparison of Boxroom Escape Games and EXTREME AXE THROWING offers

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, offering consumers the latest exciting developments. Computer entertainment is now successfully realized in reality.

Book a guest room if you want to enter a themed environment and shine your reflections. Boxroom Escape Games offers the opportunity to fulfill tasks from Merlin's Academy of Magic, fight the ghosts of a pirate ship, or conduct an operation to save Hollywood. 

In EXTREME AXE THROWING, you can distract yourself from domestic and work problems and regain your vivacity. Your colleagues will open up from an unknown side, and laughter and jokes are guaranteed.

These are what customers who have booked a party at these venues have said:

"Came in this afternoon with my husband and kids, had a great time exploring the magical kingdom of Merlin and the knights of the round table. Super fun and challenging!".

"I went axe throwing for my friend's birthday! I was very nervous and a little scared when we first got there. After my expert showed me the basics of throwing and I took my first shot, I was addicted. It's so much fun! I'm bringing my boyfriend here for a date!".

You can book an event and ask questions via phone or online chat on the website.


Plan your bachelor party, bachelorette party, or family-friendly event with us! Go to https://extremeaxe.com/, https://boxroom.com/ now!

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