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Teambuilding Through Interactive Content

Posted by Jennifer Nesselhaus
Teambuilding Through Interactive Content

Every company no matter how big or small is made up of teams. When different people get together to accomplish a shared goal, their unified work can help meet that goal faster. But, a disorganized team will struggle, and might fail where fewer people would have succeeded. How do you make a team work better together? That process is called "Teambuilding".

So how do you teambuild? There are plenty of ways to do it, but for big companies or corporations, time is of the essence. They need a fast, effective and thorough method that gets down to how every member of a team works, or doesn’t work, together. Then they can analyze the flaws in their methods, work out solutions to stay cohesive and come together as a viable team to perform more advanced work procedures.

What’s a fast, comprehensive method of finding how a newly built team works together? Lock them in a room and task them to escape it.

New Team Building Industry

Corporate team building exercises usually fall under highly technical, mundane and bland work like educational seminars, learning techniques from books or lectures, things that talk about teamwork without really motivating teams to work together beyond an instruction manual.

However, competitive and cooperative games have something more at stake. It’s not just about working together, it’s about achieving something together through a shared experience. In this case, escape rooms stand out as new, innovative ways that people can learn to work together and solve problems as a team.

What stands out with escape rooms is the mix of psychological and technical hurdles that teams overcome to solve situations. Every group, whether they’re all friends walking in or strangers, share an objective and will go through a set of predictable motions to solve them. First, they’ll fall into their own comfort zones, leaders will lead and followers will follow. People will find what they’re good at immediately because they have to act fast.

Then, as they work to solve their way through the escape room, with all the stressors added on like time limits and high-energy environments artificially sourced to be exciting and thought provoking, their skills will shine through. Technical leads will take the hand of solving complex, math driven puzzles while coordinators will use their visual memory to find clues in abstract hints. Every member of the team will come into their role throughout the experience.

Sending a team into an escape room will make them come out the other side with an understanding of exactly how they can help each other. And, it’s fun. It’s not a chore that they’ll hate doing or forget about. Especially high quality escape rooms, ones that are more than just a search to find a key to unlock a door. Integrating engagement with entertainment is key to motivated learning, and adding more people will help them bond over their shared success.

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