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The Dumbest Thing that a Customer Has Done to Escape

Posted by Jennifer Nesselhaus
The Dumbest Thing that a Customer Has Done to Escape

While escape rooms are often the best place to showcase wit, skills and knowledge, it’s also the place where some people showcase that “genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.” Our escape room is the hottest Hollywood escape house, and while we’ve witnessed most utilize our rooms with the utmost intelligence, that definitely isn’t the case for some! We’ve listed some of the top dumbest things people have done to escape:

Some Things Are Meant to Be Hidden

One ambitious escape room goer decided that a clue was hidden—inside an outlet! That’s right! The escape room goer sparked off quite the adventure and shocked staff and employees with his derring do. The escapist ultimately started a small fire with their antics and needless to say, didn’t get a chance to complete their mission.

Boxroom Games has the best escape game in Florida, and while we don’t make it easy for participants to find our clues, you won’t have to start a blaze to win our games!

Make It or Break It (Actually, Please Don’t)!

One escape room participant decided to take the saying “back-breaking” labor to a whole ‘nother level! While others in the room were busy looking for clues, this participant decided to use a screwdriver from another, prior mission to take apart a chair that had been designated as a prop. By the time the mission was over, the chair was in pieces. Staff was amazed that a newly purchased prop had been dismantled.

Boxroom Games may features some of the best escape rooms in Florida, along with hi-tech and top-of-the-line props that you and your guests will enjoy. However, don’t feel like you have to take any of them apart like this participant did!

Ignoring All The Signs

One escape room hosted a party where “do not touch” signs were posted in restricted areas and around some of the missions. Participants were free to explore the other areas where there were no signs. One participant decided that the “do not touch” signs were simply an ominous clue. Instead, the participant bypassed all signs and entered the maintenance area. Once there, they decided to flip the switch on a fuse box—and it was lights out for everyone in the facility! Staff were able to get things up and running again, but one thing is for sure, signs that say “do not touch,” should not be ignored!

If you’re interested in having your own escape room mission, give us a call at Box Room Games. We’re located right in the heart of Hollywood, Florida with street accessible parking. We’ve got what you need to give your day a little oomph!

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