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clock 60 min

people 2-7 players


Explore and discover a Medieval castle that used to be the home to the Knight’s of the Round Table, King Arthur, and his biggest helper - Merlin the Wizard. You get lost and find yourselves in a secret chamber that hasn’t been discovered in modern days...


clock 60 min

people 2-7 players


You are a group of treasure hunters, who have finally traced the location of shipwrecks of one of the most successful crews of The Golden Age of Piracy. Locating the wrecks was a great success, yet you still need to find the gold, and everyone knows that pirate treasures are always well hidden and well guarded…


clock 60 min

people 2-8 players


Rumors of an attack on Downtown Hollywood have been leaked and the local authorities are afraid they may not be able to handle the situation. They called in the best detectives they could think of: The Boxroom Intelligence Agency! Your team needs to work swiftly because our quaint city of Hollywood is in grave danger...

In January 2019, we merged with The Escape Zone. New escape rooms in Miami will be available in a couple of weeks in addition to our famous Boxroom Escape Games in Hollywood, FL you can book right away below!

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All our rooms are private, we never mix you with strangers

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Hours of Operation

7 Days Mon-Sun 10:30AM – 1:00AM

Wondering how to spend time in Florida? Come to our escape games place!

As efficiency and productivity are now prized above anything else, we all rush, and this rush never seems to end. But even the most active person needs a rest. Some prefer to rest with an interesting book, or a film, or a good conversation, others get engaged in physical activities like sports or trips. Escape games are something in the middle: to solve the puzzle, you need your brain, but your body is also involved. Maybe you want to get out somewhere with your child, friends, beloved, or just gain new impressions — anyway, welcome! But it seems that you have some questions?

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