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Field Trips

Team Building and brain training exercises are presented to children and teens in a fun, unique way. Working together, they must think and communicate which helps form relationships along with problem solving skills. While playing our escape rooms there will be multiple tasks that need to be completed in order to move forward such as mathematics, puzzle solving, reasoning, and cooperation. After completion, most players have a great sense of pride and bonding with the others they have succeeded with.


Our program is aimed at children ranging from age 7-16. We will be accepting trips Mondays and Tuesday 30$/pp, Wednesday through Fridays 35$/pp anytime between 9am-5pm, trips are 1 hours long. Price per player is $30-35$ depending on the day of the week.


Merlin’s Wizarding Academy takes place in a Medieval castle where players get to explore the secret chamber of Merlin and complete challenges to earn wizarding powers.


In the slightly scary and creepy Haunted Pirate Shipwreck, players are challenged with finding the treasure in Captain Flint’s ship before the tide comes and traps them in the brig forever with Flint’s ghost.


Our newest room, Operation Saving Hollywood, our hi-tech CIA/FBI room lets players save our city from destruction!

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