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When do I need to arrive?

For live escape rooms please arrive 15 minutes early. There is a 10 minute briefing before each game at which we will tell you about the rules of the game and the story of the room. Each escape game lasts 60 minutes. If you are less than 15 minutes late, the time will be extracted from your time in the room. If you are more than 15 minutes late your game will be cancelled without a refund.

Where can I park my car?

There is street parking along Hollywood Blvd and the adjacent streets.

Do I need to book a game in advance?

We strongly recommend booking your escape room experience in advance. Whilst we do accept walk ins, we cannot guarantee there will be a free time slot.

Accessibility and special requirements

Due to the nature of the game not all our escape rooms are wheelchair accessible. Please contact us prior to booking a game. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Age restrictions

Anyone under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult of 18 or older. There are no specific age requirements for playing boxroom escape games, however, we recommend the minimum age of 13, as players of a younger age might not find the game as fun and interesting as it could be.

Cancellation policy

If you’d like to cancel your reservation, please call us at +1 754 800 2042. Please note that you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance with a full refund or a voucher for a future game. If you cancel within the 24 hour period, there will be no refund.

Organizing a party/team building at boxroom

Boxroom escape games are available for event bookings. Please see events page for more details.

Is it scary?

Whilst the whole experience of escaping from a room may be intriguing, it is certainly not scary. Our game masters will see and hear you throughout the whole game, and you will be speak to the game master by pressing ‘help’ button, that is installed in every room. Any player can exit the room at any time.

What is a live escape room?

Live escape room is an immersive game, in which a team of up to 4 people are locked in a room and have to find hidden objects in a room, solve puzzles and escape in less than 60 minutes.

What if I don’t solve all the puzzles in 60 minutes?

No worries, you won’t be left in the room :) Our game masters are able to see and hear you and will be in touch throughout the whole experience. There is a button in each room that will immediately connect you to your game master, you can ask your game master to give you a hint at any time.

Who can play in an escape room?

Playing boxroom escape games does not require any special skills. However, solving puzzles may require teamwork, critical thinking as well as thinking outside the box.

How many people can play in an escape room at a time?

Our rooms are designed for teams of 2 to 6 people.

How is boxroom different from all other escape rooms?

The team behind boxroom were once escape room enthusiasts, who have escaped from rooms on 3 continents. Our team loved the whole concept so much that we decided to use our knowledge and expertise to open our own live escape games. Boxroom games encompass the very best in escape rooms from all over the world. The settings of each room have been designed in a way that players do feel like they are in a Medieval castle or in a pirate ship, each room has a smart combination of technologically advanced and non-tech puzzles, and all the props were custom-built specifically for boxroom. It took us a while to create boxroom because of all the above-mentioned, yet we believe that we have created one of the most technologically advanced immersive escape rooms in the US.

What is the difference between a live escape room and a reality escape game?

Absolutely none :)

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality or VR is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image. VR puts you into virtual environment with which you can interact by using the headset and controllers.

What is HTC Vive?

HTC Vive is a VR headset and controllers

What is a VR space blaster?

VR space blaster is a custom built VR simulator, that lets you experience galactic warfare in space. The seat of the simulator rotates in vertical and horizontal planes. Players put on a VR headset and have controllers in their hands, allowing them to possess full control of a space shuttle and have a 360 degree view of a space battle.

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