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5 stars

Great atmosphere, good ideas for escape rooms. Destiny is very friendly! definitely recommend going.

Fabiola N.

5 stars

Awesome Escape Room

We've done about 10 escape rooms across the country, and the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck was one of the best we've ever done. Really clever and varied puzzles, great special effects, multiple rooms – everything was likable and well done.


Great escapes!!! We went to experience this as a team building activity with work colleagues and had an amazing time with two escapes: CIA and Pirates. Games are well done with clues that are interesting and exciting discoveries. We are hooked!!! Highly recommended!!!

Michele Suito

5 stars

My daughter surprised me with an escape room experience as a Christmas gift. We are avid escape-room players, and the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck did not disappoint. It was challenging enough to keep us active throughout the sixty minutes, but not so ridiculously difficult that we lost interest. The technology was flawless, and the dark room was a perfect setting. The only suggestion that I would make would be to have a timer in the room so that participants can time themselves as they complete tasks. (Although the game master did tell us when the first fifteen minutes had passed and when we had a certain amount of time remaining.) We will definitely return to escape from the other two rooms!


5 stars

Tons of fun for the family. They have amazing rooms and puzzles that are very difficut. You need to really think to solve them. They give you an hour to solve it by yourself and will sometimes give you extra time with clues when you go over the time limit. Extremely fun, supmersive and realistic.

Brice Engle

5 stars

The escape room at Boxroom was one of the best experiences I've had yet. It's located on Hollywood Blvd. I went with a group of 5 and we can all agree that we had a great time. In the waiting area, they also had games you could play with while they set up your room as well as a VR machine. This location has three rooms to choose from: Merlin's Wizarding Academy, Haunted Pirate Shipwreck, and Operation Saving Hollywood. We ended up picking the Hollywood one, which was listed as the one with the most difficulty. The staff was very clear on instructions and we ended up finishing with 10 minutes left on the clock. If you are ever in the area with a group, I highly recommend checking this place out, it's a fun and unique experience. Check online for pricing specials and you can book online to make it easy for you.

Amy N.

5 stars

Super Fun!

It was challenging but doable. We loved it! And we're really proud that we won. And only had to ask for help 4 times...


Nick was great, friendly and helpful every step of the way! We did the challenge with three kids, ages 12,11 & 7 it was a blast! Thank you see you soon !!

Alina Santana-Cuadra

5 stars

So fun! This was my first escape room that I've ever done and it was such amazing experience. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I know I had such a blast and they totally deserve 5 stars. I'm huge into puzzles, so i was excited to try such game.


5 stars

Took my girlfriend for a date to Boxroom when we were in South Florida and we had a wonderful time. We did 2 escape rooms while we were there. The wizard room was awesome, my girlfriend's favorite. We also did the pirate ship room which was a lot of fun too. The rooms were very well designed and had some very nice touches that made you feel like you were "there". We cannot wait to come back and try the last room!

Domonick Spiller

5 stars

This was my first time in an escape room. It was a lot of fun! The guide was very helpful. Great experience. I'm planning another trip back there soon!

Jakeah N.

5 stars

Best one yet!

My bf and I decided to try our first escape room several months ago. We got hooked! Before we knew it we were spending more on escape rooms per month than the cost of our rent! Traveling to other cities to do them, searching for them to add to vacation itineraries and booking them so that when we walked out of one, we walked into another. We loved them all but the bar was set much higher when we did Boxroom. We booked the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck and the Wizard rooms back to back and we were blown away by both. The rooms were so cool, decorated awesome and we loved how interactive they were...not just combination locks. Highly recommend Boxroom! After doing about 32 rooms in the last couple months, Boxroom is now at the very top of our favorite list!

Lisa M

This was such an amazing experience!! Destiny did a great job helping us out!! Highly recommend!

Jordan Stauber

5 stars

The best entertainment experience I have ever had! If you have not done an escape room, which I had never done, it's a blast. We visited Boxroom on a weekend. I got locked in an uniquely designed spy's escape room for an hour with my loved one and friends trying to save Hollywood. We were immersed in another world. The room was hard, the puzzles and riddles were challenging to solve, and you must work together but we had a lot of fun! Truly an entertainment like no other.

Jenny Lopez

5 stars

Super fun! Convenient location within walking distance of a lot of places. Definitely something fun to do that's different from the normal bar scene. Also very friendly and helpful staff. 10/10 would recommend! We definitely would come back and do this again.

Kerryn B.

5 stars

Fun Time

We had a lot of fun. It wasn't so hard that we couldn't complete the tasks but enough to keep us on out toes.


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