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5 stars

Great Time

Friends and I have already planned on coming again. Have already told others about this. This has got to be one of the best experiences I have ever had


I did two escape rooms here with my brother and sister-in-law when visiting family in the area. We had so much fun! The puzzles and clues were very clever, and I loved the luxury of having a private party. (The places near us always fill bookings with strangers.) I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Lauren Kirschenpfad

5 stars

My daughter surprised me with an escape room experience as a Christmas gift. We are avid escape-room players, and the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck did not disappoint. It was challenging enough to keep us active throughout the sixty minutes, but not so ridiculously difficult that we lost interest. The technology was flawless, and the dark room was a perfect setting. The only suggestion that I would make would be to have a timer in the room so that participants can time themselves as they complete tasks. (Although the game master did tell us when the first fifteen minutes had passed and when we had a certain amount of time remaining.) We will definitely return to escape from the other two rooms!


5 stars

Lsst night we went to the Boxroom escape for my wife's birthday and played the save Hollywood game. We had a great experience due to a very high tech challenge which was logic intensive, versus some less sophisticated challenges where you undo locks and move things around which are not nearly as interesting. NIck was our staff member and he did a great job taking care of us. The location is really nice and I would come back to try the other challenges.

Mark Herman

5 stars

Great customer service Brianna is very Courteous and friendly The kids had a great time thank you my daughter enjoyed her birthday

Weberlin G.

5 stars


Had a fantastic time. It was pretty challenging. Great for all ages. We will definitely do this again!


Went with a large group to save Hollywood! Goes from cool looking to frustrating to awesome as you make progress. The hour felt like it went quick but we were able solve it all with seconds to spare. Impressive experience with the complex steps. Challenge yourself with some other people with good heads on their shoulders.

Irving A. Mercado

5 stars

So fun! This was my first escape room that I've ever done and it was such amazing experience. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I know I had such a blast and they totally deserve 5 stars. I'm huge into puzzles, so i was excited to try such game.


5 stars

Awesome experience! We had so much fun!!!! We'll go back again for another challenge!

Paula Mora

5 stars

Was a great place! Kids loved it

Joy Cohen

5 stars

Kids-Friendliest Room (Merlin's Wizarding Academy)

I initially signed up for Boxroom Escape Games after reading Yelp. Boxroom has a room called Merlin's Wizarding Academy. I did this with my nine-year old and my eight-year old kids. They were very proactive and the room is easy enough for the kids to actively help you solve the puzzles. We escaped with about 10-11 minutes left! Out hostess was extremely friendly and very accommodating. She made my kids feel very comfortable too. The setup of the place is very cool! I highly recommend Boxroom Escape Games to anyone with kids that are wanting to do escape rooms!

Chi P

Great time with the family, Destiny was really helpful and nice. We spent 2 hours here and had a great time!

Pao Pao

5 stars

We had an amazing time at Boxroom Escape Games. We escaped the Merlin room, it was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go back and try the other rooms.

Keith Davis

5 stars

Exceeded our expectations!!! Great place, amazing service

Martha S.

5 stars

Immersive Pirate Experience

The Pirate room was very good. The guy in charge of running the room was extreamly attentive and helpful. I did this room with four people and although only two of them actually worked, we still got out under the time limit. Another good part of this experience was the room itself wasn't too scary. I am a major chicken and survived with only minor frights. A big thing to note about this room is it all takes place in the dark with the use of flashlights, and involves being able to read codes and maps in small print so it may not be a good idea for those with visual problems.One amazing thing about the Boxroom itself was the waiting room you sat in before entering the game room. They had stacks of cards, board games, free water, and coffee for pay. They do have a bathroom on site as well which has a changing table and so may be useful for family outings.


My wife Nathalie surprised me with a session at Boxroom Escape Games for my first Father's Day, and it was amazingly awesome! Destiny and her fellow associates were very welcoming and provided a fun experience. Once in the room, it can feel like a slow start, but once you crack the first riddle, your heart races in excitement to solve all of them to get to the end. We enjoyed our first room so much, that we decided to do a second room on the spot. It's a unique experience that you will enjoy fully. My wife Nathalie and I highly recommend it!

David Felipe Campos

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