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5 stars

Checked out Boxroom for the second time - brought some friends along with me because I had such a great time the first time. Played the O:SH room and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The owner/manager, Jennifer, was awesome. I would highly recommend this company’s rooms for everyone. Great design and great puzzles. Tons of fun.

Nicolas Ventura

5 stars

Highly recommend! We have done several escape games throughout South Florida and this was our favorite. Boxroom Escape Games are incredibly creative and the theming is amazingly detailed. Parties of 2 or more can book a private escape game. The escape rooms are great for kids and adults, family, friends and businesses!

Dara C.

5 stars

Hauntingly Good Fun!

We recently tried our hand at escaping the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck, and not only did we escape, we had a great time doing so! Very nice mix of clues, and everyone was able to contribute. Plus, solving the final clue was a nice twist! Only minor quibble is that there wasn’t a timer in the room, so we could only guess how much time we had remaining. Maybe we didn’t see it, but that’s usually very prominent. Other than that, this was a great room and we’d definitely come back to try their other rooms.


This was such an amazing experience!! Destiny did a great job helping us out!! Highly recommend!

Jordan Stauber

5 stars

Always fun. Did the Pirate room, challenging and a great time. Ashley was super friendly. Thanks!

Alexander Pace

5 stars

Went on a date night with just the two of us. So much fun, great puzzles and fantastic staff. Challenging and enjoyable. Definitely going back to try the other room!

5 stars

Very fun

I went assuming I'd be no help at all but i was wrong. It was fun, very interesting and I enjoyed it. The employees were very nice and accommodating.


It was an awesome experience! We first did the Hunted Pirate Ship Room and because we loved it, we did Operation Rescue Downtown Hollywood and were able to finish it. Definitely something fun to try with friends!

Adriana E. Lebrón Larrache

5 stars

Super fun experience! Came here with my family, including one in a wheelchair, and had a blast. The lady there (probably owner) was very nice and enthusiastic from the moment we walked in the door. You even get a picture taken with props and whatnot! I accidentally broke one of the props and though she seemed really concerned, she was still very nice about it. I would come back again and do a harder room if I lived near here!


5 stars

We had a great time. A lot of fun for a family, friends and co-workers for team building. "Escaped" two rooms with two different themes and difficulties. Can not wait for third room to be opened.

5 stars

Loved it!

We've done a bunch of escape rooms and these are unique. They have very few locks to open, such as those opened with keys and combinations. The environments are very well decorated. Nick was the supervisor and he was really helpful.


ЭТО СУПЕР!!!! спасибо за такое развлечение!

Девид Грин

5 stars

Brianna is the BEST. we had the most amazing time and it was the best end to our vacation.

Jacob Podolsky

5 stars

Really nice place to go, try to think out of box and have fun with your friends. Great decor and awesome staff..! Will definitely come again. Thank you!

Alex P.

5 stars

escape room pirate for gold

great time took my grand son who is 11 we hand a blast we will come back to do the other rooms , the young lady who gave us clues was great


Went for my son’s 11th Birthdays celebration...the group had a blast!

Metz Love

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