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5 stars

Great service and loads of fun!!!

Jessica Edwards

5 stars

My boyfriend & I came last night & had a blast. We weren't able to escape in time but it was a great bonding experience. Overall, we will be coming back! Thanks again to Alexis! Super helpful!

Ariane D.

5 stars

Loved it!

We've done a bunch of escape rooms and these are unique. They have very few locks to open, such as those opened with keys and combinations. The environments are very well decorated. Nick was the supervisor and he was really helpful.


Great escapes!!! We went to experience this as a team building activity with work colleagues and had an amazing time with two escapes: CIA and Pirates. Games are well done with clues that are interesting and exciting discoveries. We are hooked!!! Highly recommended!!!

Michele Suito

5 stars

Great place we just walked in off the street to enquire about prices but justin was very helpful and we got a room straight away. We did the Hollywood game and had a great time. Justin made sure we got the full experience by helping us along the way when we were stuck. Highly recommend..

darren bermingham

5 stars

I highly recommend this escape room. Went with some friends and had a great time. The room was very cleverly designed and the decor was fantastic.

Yoav A.

5 stars

Family Fun

We took our 6 and 10 year olds with us. Lots of fun. A little scary for the 6, but he had a good time. The host was great!

A TripAdvisor Member

Nick was great, friendly and helpful every step of the way! We did the challenge with three kids, ages 12,11 & 7 it was a blast! Thank you see you soon !!

Alina Santana-Cuadra

5 stars

Best experience I’ve had at an escape room!! Their staff (we only worked with one female) was hands down the best customer service I have ever had! Will definitely be back my next visit to Hollywood Florida. (:

Cheyenne Hasamear

5 stars

I've done quite a few escape rooms at different locations in Miami and Houston and this is one of my favorites! My friends and I started with the easiest room (Merlin) and got out with plenty of time to spare so it's probably best for people new to escape games! Can't wait to come back and try the other two rooms :)

Ileana M.

5 stars

Team Building Activity(Cornerstone Group)

As an HR Professional, I'm tasked with providing ways to keep employees engaged, motivated and work together as a TEAM. This was a great exercise to get employees from different functional business areas and working together towards a common goal. Would definitely recommend it and do it again!


This was such an amazing experience!! Destiny did a great job helping us out!! Highly recommend!

Jordan Stauber

5 stars

Good for team building

kay wuto

5 stars

Highly recommend! We have done several escape games throughout South Florida and this was our favorite. Boxroom Escape Games are incredibly creative and the theming is amazingly detailed. Parties of 2 or more can book a private escape game. The escape rooms are great for kids and adults, family, friends and businesses!

Dara C.

5 stars

Partner in Crime

What a great experience to work one on one with the love of my life. We do family, home, kids, bills, and all the wonderful non stop stuff life has to offer on a daily basis, but to have that moment to work together and complete a task was amazing. You could even say it’s couples therapy to those needing to work on communication.


We had a fun family outing to Boxroom Escape Games. It was family friendly for my younger ones and challenging enough for the older kids. We worked as a team the six of us and we were able to figure out the puzzles in time to escape the room. Such a great time. Definitely will come back.

Jessie Johns

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