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5 stars

Brianna is the best. I have been here 4 times and this was the best because she was here. Highly recons going when she is here

Emily Pod

5 stars

Went on a date night with just the two of us. So much fun, great puzzles and fantastic staff. Challenging and enjoyable. Definitely going back to try the other room!

Meredith M.

5 stars

Fun Escape Room

I went with some friends to have a fun time before we started school again. We had a great time and we got a nice picture for the memories.


Destiny helped make us feel like we were really going back in time. She was funny and accommodating!

Megan Quinn

5 stars

Had a great time! 7 family members went in the age rage of 11 to 72 and everyone enjoyed it. It was everyone's first time and we did the Merlin's escape room. It was perfect for our first escape room. Justin was working and explained everything to us and was great.

Andrea Hilbert

5 stars

This place was awesome!! I went there for my friend's birthday party. It was so exhilarating my favorite one was the hollywood detective escape room

5 stars

Great time!

What a great time! This was our first time in an escape room, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff was AWESOME, and the room was engaging. I would definitely recommend this escape room, we did the pirate room.


Great experience !! Destiny was extremely helpful, 100% recommend !!

Elange Luma

5 stars

We highly recommend the "haunted pirateship". It was so fun and we were able to solve most of the clues even though we didn't make it till the end. It wasn't so easy but we would do it again!

Cetty Buscaglia

5 stars

One day i went woth my friends to that place amd we stayed happy with entertaining program inside! Thanks to Ashley who were courteous and friendly to us. We enjoued spending time and could recommend Hunted pirate shiprack you will fly away :))

Kostia P.

5 stars

Challenging but doable!

There were six of us ages 10-56. We ALL had a great time and look forward to going back to do the other two rooms! Great family fun (and in ac).


I didn't exactly know what I was getting into but after doing it I would recommend it to anyone. Thank You Boxroom escape games!

Paul Lovelin

5 stars

So much fun! Hollywood room was very challenging, in a good way!

Molly Verduzco

5 stars

I've done quite a few escape rooms at different locations in Miami and Houston and this is one of my favorites! My friends and I started with the easiest room (Merlin) and got out with plenty of time to spare so it's probably best for people new to escape games! Can't wait to come back and try the other two rooms :)

Ileana M.

5 stars

So much fun

We took the kids for a chance for them to enjoy. They were so kind and helpful. We were the only ones in that room and the kids enjoyed it. It was hard enough to present a challenge yet not too hard for the kids. We beat the room with ten minutes to spare. Super clean. Super friendly. I def recommend for kids


Spectacular time, great family fun, time well spent! Alexis, the game master, took the experience to a whole other level with her attentiveness and fantastic attention to customer service. The place was well organized, clean, and left a memorable impression for everyone in the group. Highly recommend this venue.

AmyBrian Cadigan

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