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5 stars

Had a fun family day! Great experience. Would recommend for anyone and everyone

Kim Lue

5 stars

Went on a date night with just the two of us. So much fun, great puzzles and fantastic staff. Challenging and enjoyable. Definitely going back to try the other room!

Meredith M.

5 stars

Fun Escape Room

I went with some friends to have a fun time before we started school again. We had a great time and we got a nice picture for the memories.


Every second was a blast. Have not been at an escape room like this. Thanks to Destiny, she has been so amazing during the escape room and after the escape room to show us the board games and answered all questions for more escape rooms. Excited to do more!!!

David Felipe

5 stars

It was so much fun! Great for groups because you have to work together to solve the problem. Different theme rooms, help with clues if you get stuck and a picture of your group which was nice.. Loved it!! We're planning our next visit already. Okay for kids but at least 8 and up and if they don't scare easily.. The room is timed and everyone is running around crazy looking for clues.. that can overwhelm the younger ones.. Had a blast!!! Great idea for a tween or teen party they think they're so smart 😏

Linda Delgado

5 stars

One day i went woth my friends to that place amd we stayed happy with entertaining program inside! Thanks to Ashley who were courteous and friendly to us. We enjoued spending time and could recommend Hunted pirate shiprack you will fly away :))

Kostia P.

5 stars

Challenging but doable!

There were six of us ages 10-56. We ALL had a great time and look forward to going back to do the other two rooms! Great family fun (and in ac).


It was an awesome experience! We first did the Hunted Pirate Ship Room and because we loved it, we did Operation Rescue Downtown Hollywood and were able to finish it. Definitely something fun to try with friends!

Adriana E. Lebrón Larrache

5 stars

Plenty of fun with a group of friends.

Alejandro Cuba Ruiz

5 stars

This is one of the best escape rooms I have ever done! It was tough! Loves the theme and the scene. The decor is awesome!!!

5 stars

So much fun

We took the kids for a chance for them to enjoy. They were so kind and helpful. We were the only ones in that room and the kids enjoyed it. It was hard enough to present a challenge yet not too hard for the kids. We beat the room with ten minutes to spare. Super clean. Super friendly. I def recommend for kids


Went for my son’s 11th Birthdays celebration...the group had a blast!

Metz Love

5 stars

Great experience and the staff was awesome.

Lewis Dodson

5 stars

As a team building évent, this was a great place. Lots of fun, I would recommend this place for various types of events.

5 stars

Awesome Escape Room

We've done about 10 escape rooms across the country, and the Haunted Pirate Shipwreck was one of the best we've ever done. Really clever and varied puzzles, great special effects, multiple rooms – everything was likable and well done.


Destiny helped make us feel like we were really going back in time. She was funny and accommodating!

Megan Quinn

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