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5 stars

Went tonight and had so much fun! Brianna is the best!

Daniella Fontana

5 stars

This was my first time in an escape room. It was a lot of fun! The guide was very helpful. Great experience. I'm planning another trip back there soon!

Jakeah N.

5 stars

Kids-Friendliest Room (Merlin's Wizarding Academy)

I initially signed up for Boxroom Escape Games after reading Yelp. Boxroom has a room called Merlin's Wizarding Academy. I did this with my nine-year old and my eight-year old kids. They were very proactive and the room is easy enough for the kids to actively help you solve the puzzles. We escaped with about 10-11 minutes left! Out hostess was extremely friendly and very accommodating. She made my kids feel very comfortable too. The setup of the place is very cool! I highly recommend Boxroom Escape Games to anyone with kids that are wanting to do escape rooms!

Chi P

ЭТО СУПЕР!!!! спасибо за такое развлечение!

Девид Грин

5 stars

Brianna is the BEST. we had the most amazing time and it was the best end to our vacation.

Jacob Podolsky

5 stars

Super fun! Convenient location within walking distance of a lot of places. Definitely something fun to do that's different from the normal bar scene. Also very friendly and helpful staff. 10/10 would recommend! We definitely would come back and do this again.

Kerryn B.

5 stars

Fun with team

This experience was initiated by our HR department to help improve team spirit and team building. This was a fun event and the results were greater than expected. The team worked well together and all parties had a great deal of fun. Would do this again.


Awesome place. Employees are awesome. Destiny is amazing

Vivian Mon

5 stars

Brianna is the best. I have been here 4 times and this was the best because she was here. Highly recons going when she is here

Emily Pod

5 stars

Most fun I ever had in my life. It's not to easy it's just perfect. Prefect for all ages that is. Each room is fun, I recommend the pirate one for beginners. Other escape rooms don't reward you when you finish. When you beat one of these rooms, you get a little surprise. I recommend this escape room then any other out there. It's just FUN FUN FUN!

Daniel R.

5 stars

Very different, very fun

It’s such a twist on what I’m used to for escape rooms! But my girls and I had a blast! And we loved the reward at the end!


My wife Nathalie surprised me with a session at Boxroom Escape Games for my first Father's Day, and it was amazingly awesome! Destiny and her fellow associates were very welcoming and provided a fun experience. Once in the room, it can feel like a slow start, but once you crack the first riddle, your heart races in excitement to solve all of them to get to the end. We enjoyed our first room so much, that we decided to do a second room on the spot. It's a unique experience that you will enjoy fully. My wife Nathalie and I highly recommend it!

David Felipe Campos

5 stars

Pirate game was challenging but do-able. We loved it

Amy Coskie

5 stars

So i had never done an escape room before. My friend wanted to do one and asked me to go with her, so we got a group together and went to boxroom. We got there a little early and had to wait for 1 more of our party to show up to start. Our game master was Alexis, and she answered all the questions we had while we waited for our +1. While you wait for the room to be available or for your group to get there, they have a variety of games and puzzles and even a VR machine to play in the lobby. Boxroom has 3 rooms. Merlins secret chamber, a haunted pirate ship, and one where you have to save Hollywood from a terrorist attack as a secret agent. One of the cool things about boxroom is their rooms are very technology heavy, and not reliant on padlocks like most escape rooms. As I said above, Alexis was our game master, and she was delightful and made sure we had a great time. We started with the merlin room, and it was really fun. We finished it in abput 33 minutes. We had so much fun in fact that we decided to do a second room after, and did the save Hollywood room. The save Hollywood room is the hardest room they have and we finished with about 8 minutes to spare. If you find yourself in Hollywood and have an hour to kill, deff check this spot out!

Skip C.

5 stars

Very fun

I went assuming I'd be no help at all but i was wrong. It was fun, very interesting and I enjoyed it. The employees were very nice and accommodating.


Went for my son’s 11th Birthdays celebration...the group had a blast!

Metz Love

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