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5 stars

It was so much fun! Great for groups because you have to work together to solve the problem. Different theme rooms, help with clues if you get stuck and a picture of your group which was nice.. Loved it!! We're planning our next visit already. Okay for kids but at least 8 and up and if they don't scare easily.. The room is timed and everyone is running around crazy looking for clues.. that can overwhelm the younger ones.. Had a blast!!! Great idea for a tween or teen party they think they're so smart 😏

Linda Delgado

5 stars

My boyfriend & I came last night & had a blast. We weren't able to escape in time but it was a great bonding experience. Overall, we will be coming back! Thanks again to Alexis! Super helpful!

Ariane D.

5 stars

Kids-Friendliest Room (Merlin's Wizarding Academy)

I initially signed up for Boxroom Escape Games after reading Yelp. Boxroom has a room called Merlin's Wizarding Academy. I did this with my nine-year old and my eight-year old kids. They were very proactive and the room is easy enough for the kids to actively help you solve the puzzles. We escaped with about 10-11 minutes left! Out hostess was extremely friendly and very accommodating. She made my kids feel very comfortable too. The setup of the place is very cool! I highly recommend Boxroom Escape Games to anyone with kids that are wanting to do escape rooms!

Chi P

ЭТО СУПЕР!!!! спасибо за такое развлечение!

Девид Грин

5 stars

WE had a wonderful time. So much fun.

Stacey Christianson

5 stars

I highly recommend this escape room. Went with some friends and had a great time. The room was very cleverly designed and the decor was fantastic.

Yoav A.

5 stars

Fun with team

This experience was initiated by our HR department to help improve team spirit and team building. This was a fun event and the results were greater than expected. The team worked well together and all parties had a great deal of fun. Would do this again.


Awesome place. Employees are awesome. Destiny is amazing

Vivian Mon

5 stars

Plenty of fun with a group of friends.

Alejandro Cuba Ruiz

5 stars

I've done quite a few escape rooms at different locations in Miami and Houston and this is one of my favorites! My friends and I started with the easiest room (Merlin) and got out with plenty of time to spare so it's probably best for people new to escape games! Can't wait to come back and try the other two rooms :)

Ileana M.

5 stars

Very different, very fun

It’s such a twist on what I’m used to for escape rooms! But my girls and I had a blast! And we loved the reward at the end!


My wife Nathalie surprised me with a session at Boxroom Escape Games for my first Father's Day, and it was amazingly awesome! Destiny and her fellow associates were very welcoming and provided a fun experience. Once in the room, it can feel like a slow start, but once you crack the first riddle, your heart races in excitement to solve all of them to get to the end. We enjoyed our first room so much, that we decided to do a second room on the spot. It's a unique experience that you will enjoy fully. My wife Nathalie and I highly recommend it!

David Felipe Campos

5 stars

amazing place to go with friends. hope to come back again when they have new puzzels to crack

Vera Dias

5 stars

Highly recommend! We have done several escape games throughout South Florida and this was our favorite. Boxroom Escape Games are incredibly creative and the theming is amazingly detailed. Parties of 2 or more can book a private escape game. The escape rooms are great for kids and adults, family, friends and businesses!

Dara C.

5 stars

Very fun

I went assuming I'd be no help at all but i was wrong. It was fun, very interesting and I enjoyed it. The employees were very nice and accommodating.


Went for my son’s 11th Birthdays celebration...the group had a blast!

Metz Love

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